SGP RUTEC R1038 anti-splash protection curtains will reduce lead dust and will stop ricocheting of bullet fragments.The high elasticity of RUTEC natural rubber compounds results in automatic closure of the curtain after penetration by the projectile. The projectiles themselves remain within the bullet guard between the target indication level and the bullet guard system. This function contributes significantly to the protection of the shooter.


These illustrations show the design of a safe, efficient shooting range incorporating Rutec curtains. The rubber hangs freely, it is secured only at the top, which is necessary to maximise its effectiveness. The rubber is suspended in panels which can easily be switched and moved to spread the load. 
RUTEC is available in different thicknesses with different physical properties such as colour, shore
hardness, UV resilience, etc. RUTEC natural rubber can be delivered in standard dimensions on a roll,
individually cut or even as curtains customised to your specifications.
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