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Benefits of Rutec Ballistic Rubber to shooting ranges.

Rutec is widely accepted thoughout mainland Europe as a leader in the manufacture of quality natural rubber target backing materials whilst offering considerable cost savings over other comparable products.

Benefits of using Rutec :

· Protection from deflected and rebounding projectiles – Rutec “self closes” after projectile has passed through and prevents ricochets.

· Maximum standing times – Rutec products offer excellent service life due to its outstanding re-closure properties.

· Reduction of lead dust – installed correctly Rutec rubber better contains lead dust and fumes behind the curtain giving increased safety.

· Noise Reduction – Rutec rubber has outstanding dampening properties when rear armour plate catching devices are used.

· Cost Savings – Rutec rubber offers considerable cost savings over other quality target backing rubbers.

· Colours – Rutec is available in red, white or black to suit your range environment.

· Rail system – an economical wire rail system allowing the curtain to be moved horizontally and vertically to gain greater use of Rutec target backing rubber.

We also offer Rutec products such as Cover tarpaulin, Projection paper and Reflexion tarpaulin, please ask for our full range brochure

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