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Rutec launch new "Rotating Pipe" style bullet trap at IWA 2018

RUTEC R9000 pipe bullet trap Based on our RUTEC R5000 granules, the R9000 is a compact, yet highly effective, granular basement trap and can be easily integrated into existing ranges.

The RUTEC R9000 pipe bullet trap combines the advantages of hard and soft bullet trap systems. It is extremely space-saving with an installation depth of approx. 0.65 m and with the ability to absorb energies of up to 2,500 joules without the bullet disassembling and releasing pollutants. Thus, this system can be used for a variety of projectiles and calibers. For higher energies, the system can easily be supplemented by another series of pipe segments.

The basic structure consists of two successively slightly staggered rows of pipe segments, which are filled with highly wear-resistant PUR granules. The special design ensures that a complete segment always has to be penetrated, even with the most diverse firing angles.

The cylindrical structure enables the segments to turn by up to 360◦, resulting in maximum service life of each individual pipe segment. By using modules of different sizes, wear and replacement can be controlled in a targeted manner. The connection of the segments by means of a flange system makes it possible to replace individual components simply, quickly and cost-effectively and without tools.

A ball-bearing rail system made of aluminum allows a smooth guiding and pushing the individual pipe segments along the axis. The guides can be loosened and moved simply and without tools. Tilting mechanisms on the upper brackets ensure that gradual dismantling of the segments can take place. The refilling of granules is through special openings on the top. An additional splinter protection made of natural rubber complements the bullet trap system and ensures appropriate protection.

In order to increase the service life even further and to prevent granules from trickling out with selective bombardment, we offer cuffs made of RUTEC natural rubber as accessories. These can be easily fixed with the help of a Velcro system around the corresponding segment and close behind the openings, this gives extremely high durability.

The system has already been tested with the following caliber -


7,35 x 17 mm (FJM)

9 x 19 mm Luger (FMJ)

9 x 19 mm Luger (Action 4)

.45 ACP (FMJ)

.45 ACP (Hollow-point)

.38 Special (Wad cutter)

.38 Special (FMJ)

.357 Mag. (FMJ)

.357 Mag. (Hollow-point)

.44 Rem. Mag. (Semi-jacketed)

.22 l. r.

.223 Rem.

.308 Win.

7 x 65 R

30-06 Spr.

12/67,5 Slug

12/70 2,6mm

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