Rutec Pellet Stop Hessian Sheet 



Natural Hessian for use in front of Rutec rubber

on airgun ranges.


Width: 183cm (72") available in varying lengths


Heavy weight tight weave.



Pellet Stop Materials.

 Bounce back is most likely to occur from the wide variety of pellet stop materials used behind pellet catchers. Softwood is particularly unreliable as an anti bounce back pellet stop. Ridged materials angled at 45 degrees will deflect pellets down to the floor. If vertical rigid pellet stops or Rutec  or similar curtains are used they must be faced with a hessian or similar sheet suspended at least  50 mm clear of the backing material. Pellets striking the hessian that is in direct contact with the backing material such as around the frame or bracing may produce bounce back. Where porous materials such as Hessian are used in a dual use range they are to be removed from the range after use.