RUTEC R5000 Projectile Capture Granulate


R5000 granulate of high wear-proof elastomer and is a perfect alternative to conventional sand as a projectile catching medium. It is characterised by outstandingly good physical properties. Specifically the combination of outstanding abrasion conduct and high tensile strength ensures that the material is suitable for taking up high-energy projectiles as well.
The polygonal structure of the individual granulate grains also ensures that projectiles can deposit in the hollow spaces, which considerably reduces the creation of shot cavity. This minimises specifically the danger of deflection and bound-ing.
The granulate is free of N-nitrosamines and is, like all products, exclusively made of REACH-compliant raw materials. Since the product is made up of different qualities, there may be deviations of the colour nuances, which, however, will not influence the physical properties at all. R5000 can be installed across the entire area as well as in the form of a covering coat on the present sand projectile catching device. We recommend additionally installing a subconstruction to prevent the granulate from slipping and a covering tarpaulin of our natural rubber ( R1078